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Meyvaert was established in Belgium (Ghent) in 1826. Starting out as a mirror factory, we have continuously been innovating and expanding our glass solutions portfolio to meet customer needs and expectations.

We have been delivering high-quality museum display solutions since the 1980s. We partner with museum directors, curators, conservation staff, architects, exhibition designers, and building contractors to help enhance visitor experience. Serving our worldwide customers for many decades means that our teams can draw upon a successful combination of technical proficiency, creative flair and awareness to create products where structural quality meets esthetic elegance.

Our strength and success as a company lie in our ability to expertly translate the architect’s esthetic design concepts into technical and functional solutions, whilst making sure that the client’s wishes regarding the presentation, security and conservation of the artifacts are met to the utmost degree. 

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Meyvaert is a family-owned business with a long-term vision, based on sound business ethics and respect for all its stakeholders and is part of the Haerens Group, owned by the De Tollenaere - Machelart family.


As a member of the Haerens Group, Meyvaert is committed to being a leader in its sector by exceeding expectations in minimizing the environmental impact of its business operations. Our Group currently holds the following labels and certificates: PEFC, FSC, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001.

Our new headquarters and workshop have moved to a state-of-the-art facility constructed in 2020 with eco-friendly materials, earning a “BEN-4” energy-saving rating. Features like solar panels, energy-efficient windows, natural light, beehives, and sustainable roof gardens contribute to a greener work environment. We recycle water in our glass processing plant, and employees can lease electric cars and bicycles.

Our showcases, designed with current methodologies, have a 25-year life expectancy. The use of modern methods and materials ensures durability and minimal maintenance. The design allows flexibility for changing displays, preventing premature disposal. A maintenance program ensures that showcases stay in excellent condition, extending their lifespan. Our components prioritize user-friendliness and durability, aiming for waste reduction through innovative engineering.

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