Building a museum is a collaborative project, and the design of a display solution depends on many variables. We therefore encourage you to contact us in the early stages of the design. Our experts are happy to not only advise on the technical showcase aspects such as lighting, climate control, choice of materials, etc., but also offer planning and cost guidance.


We have a team of 20+ engineers at your service to support the concept & design of your desired display solution, ensuring that the design meets your functional & esthetical requirements.

Thanks to the capabilities of our R&D team, customers can count on us to help conduct studies to determine the best possible solution for their collection in their specific environment. We recently carried out studies exploring the options to present, preserve & protect the Ghent Altarpiece - by Van Eyck.


The planning of our projects is integrated into our masterplan, which we examine on a weekly basis during our operations meeting. This integration allows us to anticipate busier periods for efficient allocation of resources.

Upon signing a contract, we assign a multi-skilled team under supervision of a project manager. In order to define the project scope, the project manager identifies the external dependencies so that these can be defined together with the museum project team. This allows everyone to be on the same page from the very beginning.

Each project follows our proven general methodology, which we adapt to the specific needs and requirements of each individual project.

Throughout the project plan, regular update meetings are scheduled with the internal steering committee reporting on deliverables and making sure deadlines are met.


We have a production facility of 10.000m² and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. All processing, manufacturing and preliminary assembling is done in our workshop by highly skilled and experienced craftsmen under the supervision of the project manager and the director of operations. This enables our cross-functional teams to inspect the process of showcase manufacturing from A-Z on a daily basis, which guarantees our unparalleled high quality of execution.

We minimize risk through our close network of high-quality suppliers. Most of them are within 50 km of our facility. This allows for fast turnaround times and minimal carbon footprint. Furthermore, we have a minimum of three suppliers per type of material (glass, sheet metal, coating…). This makes us vendor neutral and ensures that we meet production deadlines.

Our showcases are expertly pre-assembled by our craftsmen in the workshop, making sure they are suitable for transport and can be easily mounted on site.


A quality check is performed in each of the various stages of every project.

In the design stage, a senior engineer verifies all details before releasing the drawings.

Our procurement department does regular supplier quality checks to evaluate our production processes. All components are labelled with a unique ID to identify the supplier and an ‘Incoming Goods Inspection’ is done once the components arrive at our facility.

During the assembly stage, our engineers and the production supervisor perform a final quality check before the cases are shipped to the customer. On site, the site manager is responsible for the quality control of the installed cases.


In order to support our customers throughout the lifespan of their showcases, we organize a training and provide an operations & maintenance manual together with ‘as-built’ drawings at the end of each project. That way, your personnel is well-trained and able to perform daily and preventative maintenance. Upon customer request, we can offer tailor-made maintenance agreements as well.

After each project, we organize a debriefing session with the client. The feedback gained during this session is shared internally during our operational meeting and taken note of for future projects, thus enabling the transfer of knowledge and continuous quality improvement.

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