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Leiden - Netherlands

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

The museums & the collections

Over the past two centuries, numerous archaeological discoveries have found a home in the national collection of the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (National Museum of Antiquities), contributing to the overarching narrative of Dutch archaeology. This Museum has embarked on a fascinating project called “Onder Ons” (Among Us), with the mission of making the national collection accessible to and appreciated by the entire nation. Through “Onder Ons”, the National Museum of Antiquities brings ten exhibitions to ten museums across the Netherlands between 2023 and 2027.

The first exhibition, “De Vorst van Oss & Tijdgenoten" (The King of Oss and his Contemporaries), was organised in Museum Jan Cunen. The Prince of Oss’s sword is a renowned symbol of Dutch prehistory. Museum Jan Cunen is unveiling a comprehensive exhibition showcasing the wealthiest graves from the Early Iron Age in the Netherlands. These princely burials offer insights into the burial customs of local elites.

The second exhibition, “Naar de Antieken!" (To the Ancients!), presents a curated selection of the finest glasswork from the collections of the National Museum of Antiquities and the Nationaal Glasmuseum (National Glass Museum), and is housed within the confines of the latter. The masterpieces from ancient Egypt, the Classical world, and early Netherlands, show off the ancient artisans’ exceptional expertise in creating the most exquisite shapes and colors.

The assignment & the challenges

In order to fulfill all the prerequisites for traveling exhibitions, the museum requested showcases that could be demounted for storage between exhibits and easily transported to various museums. Safety was of the utmost importance, given that these showcases would be utilized in multiple museums with stringent security measures. Moreover, the options, including lighting and internal elements, had to be adaptable to the various requirements of these changing exhibitions. Lastly, timely delivery was also a significant consideration.

The solutions & the result

To meet the aforementioned requirements, we proposed our standard products. Having them readily available in our inventory, a swift delivery was ensured. Our products are designed to be demounted and flat-packed, making them highly suitable for storage and transportation into different museums with varying entrance dimensions.

Our showcases now provide a secure, temporary home to the most valuable historical artifacts, all the while succeeding to bring a variety objects to life in different settings, and thereby playing an important role in the mission to reconnect the entire nation with the rich history by which it was shaped.

© Loek Blonk for Museum Jan Cunen | © Ben Deiman for National Glass Museum


Rijksmuseum van Oudheden





Type of museum

Archaeological Museum


28 showcases: 18 standard freestanding cases, 6 standard table cases & 4 custom table cases

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© Loek Blonk for Museum Jan Cunen | © Ben Deiman for National Glass Museum

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