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St Albans - United Kingdom

St Albans Museum + Gallery

The museum and collection

St Albans Museum + Gallery is the result of the refurbishment of the old town hall and court house. Opened to the public in June 2018, it looks to be a leading centre for arts and culture at the heart of one of Britain’s most historic cities.

The project

The museum display case part of the project included table cases, which can be moved with a pallet jack, as well as four long wall cases that have a recessed glass front and the option of blanked glass with specially designed infill panels that allow art to be mounted on the front of the case.

The adjustable lighting and the option to include glass shelves, or special vertical dividing panels that allow sections of the cases to be separated internally for display purposes, allow for a great deal of flexibility when considering temporary exhibitions with loan objects.


St Albans Museum + Gallery


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United Kingdom



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