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Museum display case Bristol Aerospace

The museum and collection

The city of Bristol prides itself on being the home of a world-class aerospace industry, given its past as the home of the Concorde. Not only was the UK assembly line located here, the airframe and engines were also largely developed in Bristol. Moreover, all the UK Concordes made their maiden flight from the nearby Filton runway, on the edge of the airfield is the new Museum. Collections of objects and archives have been amassed that span over 100 years of aviation history and aerospace technology. The exhibition presents a vast range of objects, from classic aircraft and stories of death defying bravery, to a special building housing a Concorde which the public may climb aboard.

The assignment

To aid the industrial heritage museum in bringing its collection to the public, Meyvaert created over 40 bespoke showcases. The cases had to present the objects in a stable and accessible manner. We created a range of case types that would work in a range of different locations around the Museum buildings: from recessed wall cases, table cases and freestanding cases to unique cases for objects weighing over a ton. The cases had to allow for access for maintenance whilst still retaining air tightness. 

Concorde jet engine in a custom built free-standing showcase

The project: challenges & result

The cases house many of the objects including a full size working Rolls Royce Jet engine that was used in Concorde. The access in and out of this case for the object and staff was very important to get right as regular maintenance is required. The case is designed to allow the engine to enter on its own special carriage via one of the end doors. Yet whilst closed the case needed to be air tight and still present the object in an exciting way with internal lighting and graphics.

The model Concorde (see photo) was particularly heavy and special consideration was given to develop mounting methods from the rear wall. 

Model Concorde mounted on rear wall in wall-standing cabinetModel in wall-hanging showcase

Aerospace Bristol


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